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Weather Reporting Volunteers ~ Comet PANSTARRS ~ Prairie Roots Food Cooperative

  Thursday, March 7 – North Dakota is looking to three-peat as national leader in signing up weather observers. Adnan Akyuz, North Dakota state climatologist joins us to explain how you can be part of the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. ~~~ Valley City State University professor Joe Stickler stops by to tell us about Comet PANSTARRS, and how you can observe it next week. ~~~ Stephanie Liden, a post-graduate in the UND English Department, introduces us to the work of writer Richard Bausch, who will be appearing at the UND Writer’s Conference. ~~~ Food co-ops are available in a number of locations in the region, and there appears to be “growing” interest. Steve McCarger has worked for 25 years as co-manager of Oneota Community Food Co-op in Decorah, Iowa, and he’s in North Dakota for the annual meeting of the Prairie Roots Food Cooperative in Fargo. We’ll hear more about the food co-op movement and how he achieve a long run of success for his co-op. Also joining us is Gretchen Harvey, a board member of the Prairie Roots co-op.

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