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The Entrepreneur Startup House ~ Early Environmentalists: the Murie Brothers

  Monday, February 2 – “Bringing world-class startups to Fargo. Free rent, top mentors, free resources, and gigabit fiber Internet” – that’s the blurb for the Start-up House. Here to discuss it are Miguel Danielson, who got the house going; and Sarah English one of the first entrepreneurs to take up residence. ~~~ Every day, we use a lot of digital data from data centers across the country. Over the next few months we’ll be exploring the connection between energy and our digital information. Inside Energy’s Leigh Paterson takes us to an experimental Wyoming data center that is fighting energy waste… using waste. ~~~ FM Communiversity is celebrating it’s 50th year. As usual, there’s an interesting lineup of courses for the public to choose from. One of those courses is called “Growing Up in the Wilderness: The Murie Brothers of Moorhead.” It’s the story of two brothers growing up at the turn of the 20th Century who would go on to champion wilderness preservation. Joining us is presenter Mark Harvey, professor of history at NDSU. ~~~ Tom Isern shares a Plains Folk essay, “Tall Crown’s War.”

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