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Clay Jenkinson ~ Glyphosate Weed Killer ~ Snowmobile Race ~ Books to Read in 2018

Monday, January 8 –
“Into the Amazon” is a new television documentary from American Experience. It’s the story of Theodore Roosevelt’s harrowing expedition down a tributary of the Amazon River. It debuts tomorrow night on PBS at 8 central. Clay Jenkinson is one of the scholars interviewed, and he joins us to discuss his involvement with the project. Clay is a distinguished scholar of the humanities at Bismarck State College and the founder of the Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State University. ~~~ Glyphosate is a controversial ingredient in the popular weed killer Roundup. Several lawsuits allege that the chemical causes cancer. Monsanto, which makes the weed killer, has joined several agricultural groups to sue California over warning labels about cancer on Roundup. Harvest Public Media reports. ~~~ Would you go on a cross-country snowmobile race that’s over 500 miles long and takes three days? Brian Nelson of USXC Racing tells us about the upcoming International 500 from Winnipeg to Bemidji, Minnesota. Brian is a two-time winner of the I-500, which has quite a history. ~~~ Need book suggestions for 2018? The Washington Post’s Book Editor Ron Charles has you covered. He visits with Todd Zwillich from The Takeaway.

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