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Geoengineering and Climate Change ~ Mark Trahant Commentary ~ Blizzard Bluegrass ~ Winter Gardening

Dr. Douglas MacMartin

Wednesday, January 3 – Could geoengineering mitigate the effects of climate change? It’s an approach inspired by volcanic eruptions that cause cooling by injecting sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere. Joining us is Dr. Douglas MacMartin, a senior research associate at Cornell University. ~~~ UND journalism professor Mark Trahant commentary as congress faces new pressure to cut federal spending. Visit Mark’s blog at ~~~ Jill Weise of the band Cotton Wood stops by for a preview of the Blizzard Bluegrass weekend. ~~~ Horticulturist Ron Smith is here for a mid-winter conversation about seed catalogs, rabbit damage, houseplant care, and low temperature impacts on outdoor plants.

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