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Contact Us

Your comments and questions are important to us. You may write, call, or email Prairie Public, and your correspondence will be routed to the appropriate personnel. Prairie Public office hours are weekdays, 8am-5pm.

Prairie Public Broadcasting
207 North 5th Street
Fargo, ND 58102

PHONE: 701-241-6900
TOLL-FREE: 800-359-6900
TTY: 800-366-6888
FAX: 701-239-7650

U.S. Legal Name: Prairie Public Broadcasting, Inc
Federal Tax ID: 45-0276899
Canadian Legal Name: Prairie Public Television (Manitoba), Inc.
Business Number: 119097913 RR0001

E-mail Prairie Public with your questions and comments.

Find contact information for radio news staff.

Submit music for radio airplay.

Learn more about closed captioning.

For assistance with our FCC public file, please contact our receptionist at 701-241-6900.

Find resources to assist you in producing for PBS.

Key staff contacts and department heads, listed alphabetically Email Phone numbers and/or extensions
Jack Anderson, Director of Engineering janderson@prairiepublic.org 504
Mark Antonishin, Business Development Representative, Canada mantonishin@prairiepublic.org 204-297-5404
Beth Bradley, Business Development Representative bbradley@prairiepublic.org 565
Troy Davis, Director of Development tdavis@prairiepublic.org 510
Bob Dambach, Director of Television bdambach@prairiepublic.org 701-241-6900
Russell Ford-Dunker,
Business Development Manager
rford-dunker@prairiepublic.org 536
John Gast, Director of Finance jgast@prairiepublic.org 561
Barbara Gravel, Production Manager bgravel@prairiepublic.org 595
John Harris, President & CEO jharris@prairiepublic.org 701-241-6900
Karen Haugen. Gaming Manager khaugen@prairiepublic.org 515
Pauline Holmlund, Human Resources pholmlund@prairiepublic.org 522
Tina Young, Executive Assistant tyoung@prairiepublic.org 545
Lowell Loritz, Business Development Representative lloritz@prairiepublic.org 701-224-1700
Marie Offutt,
Communications Manager
moffutt@prairiepublic.org 535
Mike Olson, KFJM Host molson@prairiepublic.org  615, 637
John Peterson, Engineering Operations Manager jpeterson@prairiepublic.org 503
Scott Prebys, Radio Host/Arts Producer sprebys@prairiepublic.org 701-224-1700
Bobbi Stephenson, Membership Manager bstephenson@prairiepublic.org 534
Bill Thomas, Director of Radio bthomas@prairiepublic.org 509
Dave Thompson, Radio News Director dthompson@prairiepublic.org 701-224-1700
Ashley Thornberg, Main Street Contributor athornberg@prairiepublic.org 692
Steve Wennblom, Television Programming Manager swennblom@prairiepublic.org  591
Tim Wollenzien, Education Services Manager  twollenzien@prairiepublic.org  701-241-6900 x575
Radio Music and News Staff
Doug Hamilton, Main Street Host dhamilton@prairiepublic.org 701-241-6900 x621
Todd McDonald, News Reporter tmcdonald@prairiepublic.org 701-241-6900 x616
Mike Olson, KFJM Host molson@prairiepublic.org 701-241-6900 x615, 637
Scott Prebys, Radio Host/Arts Producer sprebys@prairiepublic.org 701-224-1700 x205
Bill Thomas, Director of Radio bthomas@prairiepublic.org 701-241-6900 x509
Dave Thompson, Radio News Director dthompson@prairiepublic.org 701-224-1700 x215
 Ashley Thornberg, Main Street Contributor  athornberg@prairiepublic.org  692
Danielle Webster, News Reporter dwebster@prairiepublic.org 701-241-6900 x638
Skip Wood, Producer swood@prairiepublic.org 701-241-6900 x622

Prairie Public produces radio shows for our 19-station network at two locations. To submit CDs for radio airplay, use the following studio addresses:

FARGO STUDIO: A wide variety of music (mostly instrumental) is used and plugged on the daily talk show “Main Street” … classical, blues, jazz, bluegrass, AAA, Folk, Nordic, Native American, Latin American, world … just about anything appropriate for a public radio talk show. Also, radio produces two weekly jazz shows (vocals welcome), and we provide CDs for “Notas Latinas,” a weekly hour-long show for the Spanish-speaking audience distributed to 26 stations.
Prairie Public (KDSU)
207 North Fifth Street
P.O. Box 3240
Fargo, ND 58108-3240

BISMARCK STUDIO: Originates daily classics programming and a weekly jazz show.
Prairie Public (KCND)
1814 North Fifteenth Street
Bismarck, ND 58501