Viewers and listeners in Minot area will notice Prairie Public outages

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


FARGO, N.D., October 2, 2018 — A nationwide “spectrum repack” requires that Prairie Public rebuild its Minot tower, so periodic television and radio broadcast outages will occur in the upcoming weeks.

Radio listeners will notice outages, but can access Prairie Public via its online stream or app.

Households that receive Prairie Public’s television signal via cable will not be affected; however, households that use rooftop antennas will. When the new tower is completed, Prairie Public’s over-the-air television signal will move from channel 40 to channel 15, and its coverage area will be larger.

To help fulfill the country’s increasing demand for wireless broadband access, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reallocated a portion of broadcast spectrum used by stations to make it available for use by wireless carriers. In many parts of the country, spectrum was freed up by reorganizing, or repacking, the channels to which television broadcasters are currently assigned. Learn more here.

Prairie Public Broadcasting, headquartered in Fargo, is a non-profit organization and community licensee that provides public television services throughout North Dakota, northwestern Minnesota, southern Manitoba, and parts of Montana and South Dakota, and public radio service to North Dakota. In addition to broadcasting services, Prairie Public Broadcasting provides a wide range of educational and technological services to communities and individuals across its coverage area.

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