Hydrogen: Nature’s Fuel DVD

You may know hydrogen can be used to fuel vehicles, but did you  know that clean, abundant hydrogen is used safely all around you every day? "Hydrogen: Nature's Fuel," a 60-minute documentary, shows hydrogen at work in warehouses, golf courses, and even breweries. The hydrogen used in these applications is made in a variety of way from domestic sources. Hydrogen truly is nature's fuel. With hydrogen, we have the opportunity to create our own clean energy future.

"Hydrogen: Nature's Fuel" is a production of Prairie Public Broadcasting in collaboration with the National Center for Hydrogen Technology led by the University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center, Grand Forks, North Dakota. Executive Producers Bob Dambach and Michael Holmes; Editor Ann Hall Anderson; Writers Tera Buckley, Dan Daly, and Kirk Williams; Narrator Joyce Eisenbraun.

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