Candles at Canaan: Signs of Life in a Lonesome Land CD

The 2-CD audio set "Candles at Canaan" is a collection of "Plains Folk" radio essays heard on Prairie Public. Their author, Tom Isern, a lifelong resident of the Great Plains, is professor of history at North Dakota State University. His pal Bob Groves, who provides the musical interludes between the essays, is professor of music at North Dakota State University. Isern is the author or co-author of six books about life on the plains.

CD #1 includes the following essays: 1 Can Pile 2 Sister Catherine’s Grotto 3 Cruel Cold Land 4 Driving to Manfred 5 Newcomers 6 Social Capital 7 Take Back the Taverns 8 Holiday House 9 Smelt Fry 10 Signs & Wonders 11 North Dakota Rant 12 Mysterious. CD #2 includes the following essays: 1 Lutefisk & Meatballs 2 Turkey & Kraut 3 Cruel Cold Land 4 Chubaracka 5 Red-eye 6 Chokecherry Hostile 7 Cowbell Game 8 Goat Game 9 Rednob’s Return 10 Cradle Hymn 11 Cather Christmas 12 Candles at Canaan

Price: $20.00

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