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The Rise and Fall of the Nonpartisan League examines how Minnesota and North Dakota farmers organized themselves to challenge the monopolies that denied them the profits of their own labor—and for a time took control of their own economic destinies.

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Beyond Pluto 1/2
Einstein’s Quantum Riddle 1/9
Day the Dinosaurs Died 1/16
Island Volcano 1/23
First Face of America 1/30

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Victoria Season 3 introduces fascinating new historical characters. Vexing the queen this season is Victoria’s troubled half-sister, Princess Feodora, and vainglorious Lord Palmerston.

Children in kindergarten-3rd grade are invited to write and illustrate their own stories in the PBS Kids Writers Contest. Every entrant is a winner and receives a Certificate of Achievement and personalized, positive feedback. Top stories win prizes and are featured on the radio and on the Prairie Public website. Learn more here.

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Prairie Pulse This Month: West Fargo Mayor Bernie Dardis (1/4); AARP State Director Josh Askvig (1/11); West Fargo Superintendent of Schools Bethe Slette (1/19); Barnes County Museum Curator Allison Veselka (1/25). Tune in Fridays at 7:30, and watch past shows online.

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