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Wet vs. Dry


Premiering Monday, October 23, 2017, at 9:30 pm CT

From the days of early settlement in the late 1800s, the struggle between the “Drys” — those who sought to ban alcohol — and the “Wets” — those who were in favor — shaped the relationship between the Red River border communities of Fargo and Moorhead. The drys had been able to ban alcohol sales in North Dakota from the state’s earliest days by including a prohibition clause in the original state constitution in 1889. The wets, on the other hand, prospered on the Minnesota side of the Red River thanks to a pragmatic appreciation of its alcohol driven economy. Colorful characters and rowdy tales of bootleggers, madams, and small town gangs pepper this story of the area’s moral and economic tug-of-war that took place over kegs of beer, bottles of whiskey and barrels of moonshine.

Producer: Kim Stenehjem
Editor: Ann Hall Anderson

Production Funding provided by the Minnesota Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment and by the members of Prairie Public.




About the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund

In 2008, Minnesota voters passed a landmark piece of legislation — the Minnesota Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment — which provided funding to public television stations serving audiences in Minnesota. Its mission is to help preserve and document the treasures of culture, history, and heritage that make Minnesota special, and to increase access to the natural and cultural resources we all share. Click here for more information.


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