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TV Originals Since 1964

Since signing on air in 1964, Prairie Public’s production crews have logged thousands of miles and hundreds of hours creating the quality series, documentaries, and performance shows that have become our viewer’s favorites.

This icon  indicates a program distributed nationally to other public television stations.


Prairie Public’s first local production was a series of scenic North Dakota slides set to music to fill the 5-minute interlude between classroom programs.


KFME began production of its first instructional program–a 60-hour English Literature course for Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.

Teachers Orientation, the first program produced in Prairie Public’s studio, introduced teachers to the uses of public television programs in the classroom.

Art About Us was an instructional series hosted by Fargo art teacher Bruce McGhie. The series was carried by public television stations across the country.

Duologue was Prairie Public’s first general audience local production. The series was hosted by Lou Marget and broadcast by five other area public television stations.


Red River Land, a classroom program taught by North Dakota author Erling Nicolai Rolfsrud, covered the history and the development of the Red River Basin, a lakebed plain that extends from the Canadian border into Minnesota and North Dakota. The program aired for nine years and won the 1969 Ohio Award for “The Little White Schoolhouse”  segment.

Time for Art was the second classroom art instructional series from North Dakota artist Bruce McGhie.


Children of the Dark won awards from the Broadcast Industry Conference and the Institute for Education through Television and Radio.


Christmas Is… won an award from the Broadcast Industry Conference.


SPIN with Cal Olson was a weekly hour-long magazine program with interviews and discussions about topical interests.

Peek At The Week was a weekly community arts calendar produced by an all volunteer crew.


The Laughing Crowd examined the serious problem of drug use in Fargo.


SPIN with Boyd Christenson continued Prairie Public’s popular magazine program with a new host taking the reins.

Jim Blanchard’s Television Theatre brought a new type of locally-produced program to Prairie Public’s schedule.

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