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Classics From The 2000s

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Schmeckfest: Food Traditions of the Germans from Russia preserved memories of prairie mothers who left no record of their lives, but who are remembered daily in the recipes and rituals of food preparation. The documentary was awarded a bronze Telly Award.

Prairie Public Cooks! D is for Desserts presented Prairie Public viewers as they whipped up their favorite sweet treats in the second of the series.

The Changing Face of Agriculture examined agricultural life as it had been buffeted by world markets, federal farm policy, increased costs, and the weather—wiping out profits for many farmers and ranchers.

Emerging Industries brought together a panel of experts to discuss business models that held promise for stabilizing the North Dakota economy.

Matters of Life and Death studio program explored the implications of living wills and durable power of attorneys in conjunction with “On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying.”

Bonanza Farms presented a history of the brief flirtation with mega-farming at the turn of the century that sprung up throughout the Red River Valley over a century ago and shaped the course of change in the northern plains. The documentary was awarded  a bronze Telly Award.

Election 2000, as part of a nationwide initiative of public television, produced a series of television, web, and radio programs to help voters become better informed.

  • Reporters Roundtable
  • AdWatch
  • Face Off debates between candidates for North Dakota’s Governor, Senate, Congress and Attorney General office as well as Minnesota’s Congressional 7th District.

The Next Governor presented the biographies of the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor, and followed them through the early days of their campaigns.

Pizzazz in Concert presented a studio performance of Fargo South High School’s favorite singing group.

Prairie Public Cooks: S is for Soups & Stews brought viewers in to the Prairie Public studios to demonstration their favorite winter warm-up meals.

Healthworks: Attention Deficit Disorder examined the implications and management of attention deficit disorder among children, teens, and adults. The program was awarded a Bronze Telly Award.


One Shining Moment: the History of the North Dakota Class B Basketball presented the rich history of North Dakota’s premiere sporting event which comes alive in this painstakingly researched, stirring documentary. The documentary was nominated for a regional Emmy Award.

Fish Decoys: Folk Art Beneath the Ice examined an art form rooted in the ancient tradition of spear fishing. Host Mark Greenig traveled to communities throughout the Minnesota lake country, talking with carvers young and old, hearing their stories, and learning about their craft.

Art of Fish Decoys provided how-to instruction for aspiring decoy carvers.

Prairie Public Cooks! P is for Pork offered viewers the opportunity to come to the Prairie Public studio kitchen to barbeque, bake, broil, and bone their way through their favorite pork recipes.

E Business visited the 2001 Telecommunications Technologies in North Dakota to explore new ideas for businesses in rural communities.

The New Pioneers examined the reasons why North Dakota is quietly experiencing a new wave of settlers. Like the state’s first pioneers, these settlers from overseas see that North Dakota’s wide-open spaces are full of opportunity. The documentary was awarded  a platinum Best of Show Telly Award and a CEN award.

Healthworks series of call-in programs presented panels of experts discussing the physical, psychological, and behavioral implications of two new health topics.

  • Grief and Loss
  • Kids Health

Lake Winnipeg’s Paradise Beaches told the history of the charming cottage communities where Manitobans have flocked for more than a century of enchanted summer months.


Dot.com, a seven-part local series, taught viewers to build their own Web sites. Prairie Public partnered with the University of Mary to offer college credit for the courses.

Lewis and Clark Pathways relived the adventure of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark’s expedition as they crossed the prairies through modern day North Dakota. The documentary was awarded  a bronze Telly Award and a gold Aurora Award.

Prairie Crosses, Prairie Voices: Iron Crosses of the Great Plains told of the artistry of traditional graveyard markers created by Germans from Russia that are appreciated as an art form. The documentary was awarded  a bronze Telly Award, a Crystal Communicator Award, and was named Best of Show in the Aurora Award competition.

Exploring Lewis & Clark’s North Dakota provided customer service training to prepare workers in North Dakota’s tourism and hospitality industries for an influx of visitors at North Dakota’s two Lewis and Clark Bicentennial signature events. The documentary was awarded a bronze Telly Award.

Fort Buford, Splendid Isolation toured the Forth Buford State historic site at the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri rivers and gave viewers a glimpse into what a soldier’s life was like at a remote western military fort in the mid 1880s The documentary was awarded  a bronze Telly Award and a gold Aurora Award.

Scandinavian Traditions took a nostalgic look at childhood memories, at family traditions and at organized community efforts to preserve Scandinavian heritage. This Bronze Telly Award-winning documentary reminds us that family heritage is something to celebrate!

Purging Spurge focused on grassland health, the impact of invasive weeds on the fragile prairie ecosystem, and the importance of promoting public awareness and participation in controlling these ecological bandits. The documentary was awarded  a bronze Telly Award.

Life Support: The Economics and Politics of Rural Health Care examined the innovative steps communities in North Dakota are taking to ensure that the rural population receives health care, even when it entails some very nontraditional approaches. The documentary was awarded a bronze Telly Award.

Rolling Plains Art Gallery introduced a mobile art gallery of the Plains Art Museum that brings works of art and their artists to rural communities. The documentary was awarded  a platinum Best of Show Telly Award.

Freeze Frame visited the workshops and screenings at Manitoba’s International Festival of Film For Kids and featured clips from winning films.

History of the Bobcat examined how an ingenious mechanical solution to a farm problem became a worldwide modern-day workhorse in all kinds of industries.


Dakota Mysteries & Oddities hosted by William Jackson explored strange stories from North Dakota’s past with tales of ghosts, UFOs, bizarre murder cases, and unexplained phenomena.

Portage Avenue: Dreams of Castles In The Sky chronicled how a few determined businessmen envisioned and built a street lined with office buildings, banks, shops, theatres, and restaurants bubbling with pedestrian life to this day.

Assiniboine Park: Winnipeg’s Park for all Seasons explored the beauty and captures the magic of the park’s ever-changing landscape.

Home or High Water, a three-part series, gave viewers practical advice  on preventing and cleaning up flood damage.

Ranching Perspectives gave viewers a glimpse at the lives of the original rural business person in a profession that requires a mixture of financial sense, marketing savvy, sheer physical strength, and a touch of animal psychology.

Ecotourism featured the beauty of the North Dakota countryside and showcased nature-based tourism enterprises that draw in a new kind of traveler to the prairie.

Altered Lives: Stories from the Medina Tragedy documented the story of North Dakota’s most notorious fugitive, Gordon Kahl, and how the shootout forever changed the lives of those involved.

Sakakawea Dedication: Live from Capitol Rotunda in Washington, D.C. celebrated the dedication of one of only two statues from North Dakota in the National Statuary Hall.

Jamestown College Christmas Concert 2003 was the first of four yearly concerts by the concert choir of Jamestown College.


Building Our Future examined the issues and presented options for stemming the tide of outmigration from North Dakota and attracting young people to return to the state after time away from home.

North to the Mandan Nation visited the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Signature Event in Bismarck ND to document the events, performances, and the people who contributed to a once-in-a-lifetime commemoration of the historic journey through what came to be known as North Dakota.

Prairie Pulse, a community affairs program, premiered with Prairie Public President and CEO John Harris serving as host.

More Precious Than Gold examined the important water management issues facing North Dakota and the questions the region must answer about its future.

Winnipeg in Bloom presented Winnipeg gardens at their best. With little more than 100 frost-free days, and from clay-laden soils, the passionate gardeners of Winnipeg grow outstanding gardens. Shot in high definition television, this program was awarded a bronze Telly Award.

Jefferson on Lewis and Clark, taped live at the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Signature Event in Bismarck, ND, was a fascinating first-person cultural commentary about Lewis and Clark’s North Dakota journey through they eyes of the man who ordered the expedition–Thomas Jefferson.


A Soulful Sound, Music of the Germans from Russia blended expert commentary with performances of traditional music by regional musicians steeped in the German Russian musical traditions. Throughout their travels this ethnic group maintained their traditional religious music, their lullabies and folk songs, and both their unique vocal and instrumental music. The documentary was awarded a platinum Best In Show Telly Award and a gold Aurora Award.

Nature in the Balance: CO2 Sequestration focused on the U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory’s seven Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships and described their roles in assessing opportunities for reducing CO2 emissions worldwide to reduce the risk of global warming. The documentary was awarded a bronze Telly Award.

Energy: Powering North Dakota’s Economy investigated the budding renewable fuels potential for North Dakota and reviewed the state of our existing coal and oil resources, the boons and busts of the volatile energy economy and the state’s current issues. The documentary was awarded a bronze Telly Award.

The Bank of North Dakota documented the history of the only state-owned bank in the United States, which was created in the early 1900s to diversify the economy and regain control of its financial future.

Red River Divide investigated the history of the Red River Valley’s geology and landscape to get a better understanding of the region and its future. The documentary was awarded  a platinum Best of Show Telly Award.

Recipes from Grandma’s Kitchen Volume I documented the resourcefulness of the Germans from Russia in the preparation of food for large families by showing traditional cooks presenting family-pleasing recipes.

Recipes from Grandma’s Kitchen Volume II presented German Russian cooks whipping up the favorite recipes that speak to the proverb that food is love.


Adding Value explored the unique ways in which North Dakota farm families make extra income to allow them to continue to live in the rural areas they so love.

Education: North Dakota’s Challenge, North Dakota’s Future gave new insight into the struggles faced by the state’s education systems. The program explored the issues confronting the K-12 system in North Dakota and asked “what are rural communities doing to provide a quality education in times of dwindling funding?”

Herd About the Prairie followed regional artists who transformed a herd of gray fiberglass bison figures into vibrant works of art. Prairie Public followed the artists through the process of designing, creating and completing the bison to create a documentary that celebrates the history of our region and this unique public arts project.

Sound Check was a 13-episode performance series presenting the wide range of musical talent in North Dakota.

North Dakota Jazz was a limited performance series featuring four North Dakota groups exploring the eclectic world of jazz: North Dakota All State Jam Band, the FM Jazz Band, NuVoyce and Fatdad.

An Evening With Leif Enger broadcast the Read North Dakota keynote address by the Minnesota-born local author of the best selling novel “Peace Like A River” live from the historic Fargo Theater.

Governor George Sinner Public Policy Symposium brought a discussion of the development of public policy to viewers.

Painting with Paulson Series 4brought artist Buck Paulson back to public television as he demonstrated his painting techniques in still lifes, landscapes, and portraits.

Painting With Paulson Series 5 featured more of Buck’s painting techniques that helps viewers paint like pros.

Christmas at Jamestown College presented the much-anticipated annual concert by the Jamestown College Concert Choir.

Hydrogen – Fueling Our Future….Now! told the story of how hydrogen can decrease our dependence on foreign oil while decreasing the environmental impact of energy technologies. The show was produced in conjunction with the Environmental Energy Research Center at the University of North Dakota.


Painting with Paulson Series 6 continued the popular how-to series hosted by popular artist Buck Paulson as he demonstrated his painting techniques.

Indian Pride, the 13-part cultural magazine, showcased the unique lifestyles of North American’s 562 Indian nations. While honoring the historical past, Indian Pride created a national forum for tribal members to speak to a national audience.

The Rural Meth Awareness Project premiered in April with four television programs.

  • Combating Meth
  • Meth: No Easy Answers
  • The Shadow of Meth
  • Safe Behind Bars

The Old Red Trail may have begun as a humble dirt trail crossing North Dakota, but it has evolved to form part of the major east/west route across the United States. This documentary examined the history of the trail and how it shaped the state it traveled across. The program was awarded a gold Aurora Award.

An Evening With Larry Woiwode presented the Read North Dakota keynote address by poet laureate Larry Woiwode who talked about his book What I Think I Did: A Season of Survival in Two Acts and the art of writing in a rural North Dakota town.

Red River Showcase, a magazine program, put the spotlight on the interesting people and places in the Red River Valley.

The Old Red Trail Concert was an hour-long performance concert with musician Chuck Suchy accompanied by A Prairie Home Companion’s Peter Ostroushko, Joel Sayles and Joe Savage. Suchy and his musical friends perform his original score from The Old Red Trail and other Suchy originals.

Old to New: Remodel, Restore, Revitalize examined how visionaries are rehabilitating old buildings and their North Dakota towns.

Stewards of the Land took an in-depth look at the results of a five-year Conservation Agriculture study involving four test farms in the Devils Lake Basin of North Dakota as the farmers tested to see if conservation practices could increase yields and profits while still being environmentally friendly.


Prairie Churches preserved images of the priceless heritage buildings that dot the prairie landscape. This documentary provided a fascinating, emotional, and informative look into these monuments of faith, exploring the role churches have in sustaining the history and culture of the vanishing rural landscape.

WWII Prairie Memories was an important collection of Manitoba, Minnesota, and North Dakota veteran voices that communicated the personal challenges and spiritual experiences that defined this generation of heroes.

An Evening with James McPherson featured the Read North Dakota keynote address delivered by the Pulitzer Prize winning professor of history as he reflected on Lincoln’s role as the first modern Commander-in-Chief.

Painting With Paulson Series 7 returns with another popular 13 episodes. This two-disk companion DVD to the Painting with Paulson television series includes 13 30-minutes shows that teach important painting basics, plus bonus material that includes the making of a Pochade, instructions for how to mix colors, and line drawings of Buck’s paintings that can be downloaded on a computer and printed to use as painting guides.

Our State Fair: The North Dakota Experience explored the history, events, and personalities that make the North Dakota State Fair the premiere agriculture event and celebration of rural living.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint: The Role of Markets explored the business of carbon management and the role of carbon markets in helping to finance projects that will lead to the low-carbon world of tomorrow.

Out of the Air into the Soil examined land practices that reduce atmospheric carbon. This is the third in a series which explores technologies that allow us to use our natural resources sensibly without damaging our environment.


North Dakota Musicians brought live music to the Prairie Public viewing audience.

With Bill Holm: Through the Windows of Brimnes, meet poet, essayist, and musician Bill Holm, a Minnesota native who escaped to his small cottage in Iceland every year to create and contemplate.

Perennial favorite Painting With Paulson Series 8 returns with another season that teaches important painting basics. The DVD also includes bonus materials that show techniques for painting eyes and making pochades, and includes line drawings of Buck’s paintings that can be downloaded on a computer and printed to use as guides.

A Photographer’s View of Iceland is a high definition video tour of the island country.

Prairie Public and its Read ND partners host An Evening with Raymond Schroth, an author and Eric Sevareid biographer.

Prairie Public recorded WWII veteran’s narrations to produce another episode of WWII Prairie Memories.


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