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Classics From The 2010s

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Moorhead photographer Wayne Gudmundson’s black and white photographs are admired not only for their beauty, but also for their cultural significance-they capture the grandeur of Gudmundson’s native prairie landscape with focus that evokes a meaningful sense of place. The Emmy-award winning program A Considered View: The Photography of Wayne Gudmundson chronicles the route this prolific photographer has taken-how his Icelandic heritage relates to his craft, the mentors and muses that inspire him, the students who enthuse him, and the philosophy that explains his considered view. Midwest Regional Emmy Award and Silver Telly Award winner

Painting with Paulson Series 9 includes 13 30-minute shows that teach important painting basics, plus bonus materials that show techniques for using glaze and achieving amazing results with special effects. Also included in this new series is a tour of a location in California that inspired one of Buck’s paintings and line drawings of Buck’s paintings that can be downloaded on a computer and printed to use as guides.

To film Global Energy and Carbon: Tracking Our Footprint, Prairie Public visited middle-class homes in three very different environments, Minneapolis, Cameroon, and Delhi, to document a “typical” family’s impact on the environment and workable strategies they can employ to reduce their carbon footprints. Platinum Best of Show Aurora Award and Communicator Award of Excellence winner 

In Golfing Gems: The Best Small Town Courses, Prairie Public’s Matt Olien explores our region’s best small town golf courses. Folks in the Upper Midwest love their golf. In fact, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Manitoba have among the highest per capita rates of golfers in all of North America. This hour long travel show proves why.

A Photographer’s View of Iceland travels with photographer Wayne Gudmundson to the island nation, where the beautiful landscape and friendly people have inspired countless artists to capture the sights and explore its volcanic majesty.

Prairie Artists profiled three artists from North Dakota received Bush Fellowships recognizing for enduring body of work: traditional storyteller Mary Lousie Defender Wilson, musician Keith Bear and visual artist Walter Piehl.

Filmed in scenic Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Manitoba locations through the four seasons,the Emmy-award winning documentary Homesteading blends interviews with historians, the stories told by descendents of homesteaders, and dramatic readings from pioneer diaries and letters to paint a picture of the people who struggled to create a life for themselves on the prairies. Midwest Regional Emmy Award and Silver Telly Award winner

Prairie Public and Read North Dakota presented An Evening with S.D. Nelson at the historic Fargo Theatre where the children’s author and illustrator discussed the influences his Native American heritage and growing up in North Dakota have had on his work.

Artist and teacher Buck Paulson is celebrating 10 seasons on public television! In this two-disk companion DVD to the tenth Painting with Paulson series, Buck demonstrates his favorite techniques and new painting processes, including the use of palette knifes to enhance surface intensity. Along with the 13 30-minute programs is a short Buck Paulson film biography and line drawings of Buck’s paintings that can be downloaded on a computer and printed to use as guides.

Prairie Public’s new arts and culture anthology program Prairie Mosaic kicks off its first season traveling across Manitoba, Minnesota, and North Dakota in search of the personalities, culture, and art that make the prairie region distinctive.

It’s All Earth and Sky! was the reaction of one German-Russian immigrant when she arrived on the plains of the Midwest. Like many others who came to the region seeking a land of promise and opportunity, she and her family endured—and prevailed—on this rich, expansive landscape. The hour-long documentary is the sixth documentary in Prairie Public’s series about the legacy of the Germans from Russia. It is a co-production of Prairie Public Broadcasting and the North Dakota State University Libraries.

Are you curious about the changes America’s new health care legislation will have on you, your family, or your business? In an important new program from Prairie Public and AARP The Health Care Law: What It Means, North Dakota Senator Kent Conrad helped answer questions and address concerns.

Prairie Public and Ducks Unlimited have teamed to produce this documentary about one of the most threatened biomes on the planet—a biome that is in our own backyard. America’s Grasslands: A Threatened National Treasure explores the uniqueness of this resource, the complicated reasons we’re losing grassland, and the efforts of ranchers and conservationists to protect it. Platinum Best of Show Aurora Award winner 

The hotly contested Face To Face: Election 2010 series included debates with candidates for the Senate and Congressional races for Minnesota’s 7th District and North Dakota seats in our nation’s capitol. The series also included a moderated discussion between adherents and proponents of North Dakota’s proposed Constitutional Amendment #1.

Prairie Pulse returned with its eighth season featuring host John Harris and the newsmakers of our region.


After 40 years of public service–18 of them as a US Senator–Byron Dorgan decided not to run for reelection in 2010. Prairie Public followed Byron Dorgan In The Halls Of Congress through a typical day as he navigates through all the surprising tasks required of a senator.

Hydrogen: Nature’s Fuel tells the story of hydrogen through a series of intriguing interviews from those working on cutting-edge hydrogen technologies. The program explains to viewers every step of the process, including how hydrogen is created, how it is transported and dispensed, and how it is used in fuel cell vehicles and other end uses.

The weekly news program Legislative Review brought legislative leaders to the Prairie Public studios to recap significant bills and disucss important issues being address by the 2011 North Dakota Legislature.

Prairie Mosaic brought more profiles of the talented artists, musicians, writers, and artisans who live and work in the prairie region.

Recorded live in the Prairie Public television studios, Prairie Musicians presents a series of 30 minute performances by area talents including The Johnson Family Band, Tim Sparks, Brenda Weiler, Elisa Korenne, Cotton Wood, Shadd Piehl, 8th Street String Quartet, and Jazz Arts Group of Fargo-Moorhead.

Wetlands–and the loss of wetlands–impact flooding and water quality. Wetlands: The Drain Game produced by Prairie Public and Ducks Unlimited Canada, investigates wetlands in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The white chalky substance you see in farm fields indicates too much salt in the soil, and that salt can ruin crops and make it virtually unproductive. Salt of the Earth explores the cause of salinity and potential solutions, some of which can be controversial.

Fish really is brain food! Fish, Mercury and Nutrition: The Net Effect outlines the many benefits of eating ocean fish and clarifies the risk of mercury exposure for the population with the most to gain (or lose): unborn and young children.

Chuck Suchy: Sure am Glad to be Around is an intimate portrait of iconic North Dakota musician Chuck Suchy. He talks about his creative process, the lessons he learned as an artist in residence in Iceland, the influences on his music, and the challenges that are taking him far from his ranch in western North Dakota at a time when most musicians would be thinking about retiring.

The ninth season of Prairie Pulse continues to bring engaging interviews with regional newsmakers, musicians, local artists, and special segments about the history, heritage, and culture of the prairie region.

Walter Piehl: Sweetheart of the Rodeo documents how this North Dakota visual artist and Minot State University art professor combines an expressionistic style with literal and interpretive investigations of many facets of Western American life.

The half-hour documentary Water: The Lifeblood of Energy describes the connection between water and energy and how cities and utilities across the western United States are using combinations of collaboration, conservation, and new technology to squeeze more use out of every precious drop of water.

Twenty-five hundred fourth-grade students and 250 adults attended this year’s Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Young People’s Concert: Meet The Orchestra. Prairie Public was there to record it, so you can enoy it too.

In order to raise awareness of the suffering that follows one of North Dakota’s worst disasters, Minot: When The Water Recedes tells the story of the flood through first hand accounts of Minot residents who are trying to pick up the pieces and make plans for the future.

To shine a spotlight on an important piece of prairie history, Steamboats on the Red examines the history of steamboat transportation on the Red River and the impact this important trade route had on the development of the region.


United States Senator Kent Conrad reflects on 26 years of service in A Conversation With Senator Kent Conrad, one of his last interviews before retirement. (2012)

What causes a region–a place–to imprint itself upon the people who are born and live there? What is the connection between landscape and memory? What is forgotten and what is remembered? Prairie Public’s newest documentary in the Germans From Russia series At Home In Russia, At Home On The Prairie shows how a territory can endure in the minds of the descendants of those inhabitants after years, even after generations, have passed. Bronze Telly Award Winner and Platinum Best of Show Aurora Award winner 

Faces of the Oil Patch describes the new visage of the oil patch—the areas in and around Williston, Watford City, Tioga, Stanley, New Town, Parshall, and Fort Berthold—in the words of the people who live and work in these communities. The narratives and stunning video are woven together with visual images captured by noted still photographer Wayne Gudmundson to show everyday life and the changing vernacular landscape of northwestern North Dakota. 

Devils Lake area residents’ lives and homes have been torn apart by the expanding lake that has engulfed the basin since hard rains began in 1993. Mother Nature In Charge: Devils Lake Life Stories examines the plight of the area’s frustrated residents. Bronze Telly Award Winner

Mother Nature in Charge: Devils Lake The Dilemma updates the Devils Lake flooding situation from 2011 to 2012. The installation of an East End Outlet, along with a mild winter and summer drought combined to lower the lake level by nearly three feet. But does that mean the Devils Lake Basin is out of the woods or not? Platinum Telly Award Winner

Fargo Film Festival Preview Show 2012 hosts Matt Olien and Tom Brandau preview the award-winning films from the 12th annual film festival.

Our recipes, menus, ceremonies, and etiquette are directly shaped by our country’s rich immigrant experience, the history of innovations in food preparation technology, and the ever-changing availability of key ingredients. Key Ingredients explores our complex relationship with the food we grow, prepare, and eat. Platinum Telly Award Winner

Prairie Musicians Season 4 featured musicians from classical, folk, bluegrass, country and barbershop styles: Annie Humphrey, Jessie Veeder with Lonesome Willy, Northern Lights Gospel Quartet, Ben Suchy, Just Friends, Sonorous String Quartet, The WoodPicks, The Midnight Noise Orchestra, Amanda Standalone and the Pastry Shop Girls, and Sloughgrass Band.

The monthly anthology program Prairie Mosaic showcased another season of artists, musicians, and cultural destinations from around the prairie region.

In A Conversation With Louise Erdrich , the acclaimed author shares passages from her newest book “The Round House” and chats with our live studio audience.

When They Were Kings: The NDSU-UND Rivalry chronicles the great sports rivalries between North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota in their division II days. The UND/NDSU men’s football rivalry raged between 1981 and 2003, and the women’s basketball rivalry played out during the 1990s when NDSU combined to win eight out of nine national titles. Bronze Telly Award Winner

The 10th season of Prairie Pulse featured interviews with policy makers, authors, politicians, and personalities from around the prairie region.

Wyndmere, North Dakota native Chuck Klosterman is the New York Times bestselling author of seven books, including his newest novel “The Visible Man”. As part of the Read North Dakota series A Conversation With Churck Klosterman, he talked about the journey of moving from a journalist to a memoirist to a novelist and back again.

Election 2012 included Face to Face debates between candidates for North Dakota’s gubernatorial, senate and congressional races, and Minnesota’s 7th District congressional candidates.

Professional musicians from the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra were featured in Musical Concepts a series of 11 short classroom features introducing young students to the instruments found in an orchestra and the roles they play in creating music.


IamapersonIn their own home and workplaces, people with development disabilities share their joys and frustrations, and they explore what is possible in I Am A Person. The documentary reviews the historical context of institution reformation, and builds awareness about how we all contribute to our communities through our work and social capital. Emmy nominated, winner of Best Documentary: Regional Broadcast Gabriel Award and a national Bronze Telly Award 

Kent Conrad: In Their Words… Colleagues, friends, and staff talk about the career of United States Senator Kent Conrad at the end of his 26 years of service in Washington and what he has contributed to North Dakota.

The 2011 flood in Minot was devastating and Prairie Public aided in the city’s recover with the documentary Minot Rebuilding Dreams. In the follow-up studio program Minot Rebuilding Dreams Update, host Dave Thompson welcomed Curt Zimbelman, Minot Mayor and Lt. Col. Kendall Bergmann, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to address issues arising from Minot’s flood mitigation efforts.

In our annual Fargo Film Festival Preview Show 2013 hosts Matt Olien and Tom Brandau preview the award-winning films in genres ranging from animation to drama to student films.

As part of Prairie Public’s commitment to life long learning, nationally-known artist Buck Paulson created a series of short features on Painting Concepts that are available to artists of all levels and classroom art teachers. 

Prairie Mosaic Season 5 brought to light some of the talented artists and artisans in the prairie region, performances of original music by area musicians, and destinations around North Dakota, Minnesota, and Manitoba.

North Dakota State of the State 2013 Address brought to viewers the annual report by Governor Jack Dalrymple and a response from Democrat leadership.

Prairie Musicians Season 5 featured musicians from classical, folk, bluegrass, country and a capella styles: Dakota Air, Keri Noble, Ogg Creek String Band, the Riffs, Clearwater Hot Club, Jon Wayne and the Pain, Deb Jenkins Band, Andra Suchy, Nik Gruber, Cathy Erickson Band, and Trio Lorca.

Perennial favorite Painting With Paulson created another season of inspiring lessons for artists working to improve their techniques. 

In its 11th season, Prairie Pulse features host John Harris and the newsmakers of our region.

Prairie Public brought viewers on a tour of the developing tourism industry in Uganda in its new local production Uganda: Sustainable Tourism. Documenting a six-year pilot project by the University of Manitoba’sUgandaDVD5 National Resources Institute, Dr. Michael Campbell helped three Ugandan communities in ecologically sensitive areas develop strategies to build its tourism industry while protecting the breathtaking scenery and abundant wildlife travelers come to see. 

When Governor Jack Dalrymple named award-winning author Louise Erdrich as the 39th Recipient of the North Dakota Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award—the state’s highest commendation for its citizens, Prairie Public to broadcast Louise Erdrich ND 2013 Rough Rider Award Ceremony

The weekly series North Dakota Legislative Review 2013 brings lawmakers from both houses to discuss bills and issues under consideration by the North Dakota legislature.


Co-chairs Matt Olien and Brittney Goodman hosted this year’s Fargo Film Festival Preview Show at the historic downtown Fargo Theatre including clips of award-winning filmmakers from around the country and around the world.

6brosweb2The documentary 6 Brothers explores the joys and challenges of life on the plains through the stories of the Stenberg brothers. The family survived the Great Depression, became greatly involved in World War II, and experienced many other joys and challenges of living during one of America’s most intriguing time periods.

On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, The Little Country Theatre: 100 Years at North Dakota State University tells the story of the venerable theater program’s progression from a “place” into a “concept”–LCT Productions through the eyes and the voices of alumni and faculty members closely associated with the Little Country Theatre. A wealth of historical images gives the viewers a feel for the people, places and events that comprise the Little Country Theatre.

ndmusiciansAnother season of Prairie Musicians brought viewers to a front row seat for performances some of the region’s most original musicians including guitarist Nik Gruber, the lively polka music of the Cathy Erickson Band, jazz sounds of Sneaky Wild Oats, and the avant garde music of Trio Lorca.

Richard Bresnahan: The Taste of the Clay chronicles the potter’s artistic journey from his apprenticeship with a Japanese master to his long tenure at St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota where he set up a completely indigenous pottery studio, building the largest wood firing kiln of its kind in North America and utilizing a nearby clay deposit. Nominated for  Midwest Regional Emmy

On its 50 year anniversary, Prairie Public Is Golden explores the public broadcasting network’s beginnings in 1964, as a new television channel signed on the air to offer educational programs to viewers in the Fargo-Moorhead community. That channel was the seed for the public broadcasting network that was to become Prairie Public offering television and radio programs throughout the state of North Dakota, northwestern Minnesota, Manitoba and eastern Montana.

Host John Harris chaired another season of Prairie Pulse with interviews with authors, policy makers, artists and trendsetters from the prairie region.

Popular artist Buck Paulson returned to Prairie Public’s television studio to tape a 14th season of his national instructional program Painting With Paulson. In addition to the 13 episodes for life-long learners, Buck also recorded a series of classroom short features for art students in elementary and secondary art classes.


Antiques Roadshow: Behind the Scenes gave an extra peek at the making of the three episodes of the popular national program filmed in Bismarck and went behind the scenes to investigate the treasures found in North Dakota—including Tlingit Shamanic masks that Roadshow appraisers valued at $250,000.

BuiltOnAg-DVDsleeve8Built on Agriculture
 paid tribute to the people who settled the plains of Manitoba, investigated the grain exchanges and pools that contributed to the growth of agriculture in that region, interviewed farmers who carry on the traditions, and considered the trends and technology that are building the future of agriculture. Winner of a 2015 Bronze Telly Award

Built to Last: The Legacy of the CCC in Minnesota shared the story of the New Deal program that provided work for unemployed young men, taught them job skills, restored logged over forest, and took the concept of public parks from paper to reality. Winner of a 2015 Bronze Telly Award

Election 2014 coverage included candidate debates for North Dakota’s sole Congressional seat, two vacancies on the North Dakota Public Service Commission, North Dakota Secretary of State office, Minnesota’s 7th District House of Representative, and the North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner.

Fargo Film Festival Preview Show 2015
 gave film buffs an early look at the seven winning films.

BARN_PHOTO_Sheldon_Barn_Exterior_Guests_DSC_4945_08_05_2013Hay Day: Musical Barns of North Dakota pays tuneful tribute to the barn, a rapidly disappearing icon of our Midwestern landscape and agricultural heritage.

Prairie Public once again aired North Dakota Governor’s State of the State Address and Democratic Response.

North Dakota Legislative Review 2015 featured weekly interviews with legislators about the key issues being addressed in the biennial legislative session.

Like North America before the turn of the 1900s, South America was a land of opportunity—a magnet of immigration from Europe and Asia. We (Never) Don’t Forget: Germans from Russia in South America examines the history, language, music, religion, foodways and culture of the ethnic group and chronicles how these traditions are flourishing across generations.

Prairie Mosaic Season Six offers viewers a patchwork of stories about the people and places that contribute to the arts, culture, and history of our region.

buckSeason Sixteen of Prairie Public’s popular how-to program Painting with Paulson features artist Buck Paulson demonstrating his techniques to improve the skills of artists of all levels of experience.

The talent of area musicians is spotlighted in Season Five of Prairie Musicians featuring an eclectic mix of musical styles and genres.

The popular interview program Prairie Pulse is back for its thirteenth season featuring host John Harris and the newsmakers of our region.


MBAG4The four-part television series Built on Agriculture investigates the grain exchanges and pools that contributed to the growth of agriculture in Manitoba and western Canada, interviews farmers who carry on the traditions, and considers the trends and technology that are building the future of agriculture.

  • Selkirk Settlers pays tribute to Lord Selkirk, whose compassion for displaced Scottish crofters helped seed the Canadian prairies, and the settlers of those early decades.
  • The Institutions investigates the Grain Exchange, grain pools, private grain companies and The Canadian Wheat Board were all part of the growth of agriculture in Manitoba and western Canada, and the role women play in maintaining the health of the family farm.
  • The Farmers profile five families to give insight into the hardships and variety of modern day farming. Noted experts comment on the concerns and the opportunities that are part of the modern farmer’s world.
  • Feeding the World examines industry trends, consumer trends, technology, equipment, and climate that contribute to the future of agriculture in the next century.

Fargo Film Festival Preview Show 2016
 once again gave a sneak peak at the films that won awards at the annual film festival.

CCC_Gooseberry_Falls_State_Park_Filler_YouTube_06_08_2015The seventh season of Prairie Mosaic offered viewers a view into little known historical events, profiles of successful artists working in a variety of media, and cultural events from around the region.

Prairie Musicians featured six talented performers and musical groups that span styles ranging from hiphop to Metis fiddling to rock and blues.

Prairie Public’s newest documentary in its award-winning Germans from Russia series We (Never) Don’t Forget: Germans from Russia in South America examines the history, language, music, religion, foodways and culture of the ethnic group and chronicles how these traditions are flourishing across generations. It is the eighth in the popular series of documentaries.

frager-dvdsleeve1Malcolm Frager: American Pianist chronicles the award-winning musician’s life, work, and legacy. Frager’s talent and scholarship was honored with numerous prestigious awards, and his influence and perseverance uncovered a cache of more than a thousand original manuscripts by Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, and Mozart that had been missing and believed lost since World War II.

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